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UEFA Makes Major Corona Virus Announcement Ahead Of Champions League Start

The fans has been away from the pitch for so long in the European Club Competition following the outbreak of the coronavirus

With the great impact of the Corona Virus pandemic felt worldwide, the fans were made to stay away from the stadia so as to help keep the virus contained.

Killing many persons and putting the others on the sick beds, keeping the fans away from congesting in one place was advised by the health experts to be the best way to avoid the spread.

But with the virus appearing to have gone away and people getting back to their normal lives, it’s claimed safe for the fans to return to the Stadia to show their passionate support to the clubs they love.

As it’s psychological impact can’t be undermined; from seeing the fans chanting in support of the players to the players to the shout of joy for goals, it’s a dream come true should fans be allowed back.

Ahead of the UEFA Champions League set to kickstart in days time, the UEFA body is set to announce that fans will be allowed to get back into the stadia.

The lead was dropped by a top trusted reporter but yet to be made official in hours to come.

More to follow.

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