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Ole Solskjaer’s Sack Date Finally Decided As United Contact Replacement

According to Fabrizio Romano, United sure are currently protecting their manager but still doesn’t change the fact that his future isn’t secured at the club

Man United board members are known to have grown disappointed with the current form of the club given how long Solskjaer has spent with them.

Although sources, say Solskjaer blame the transfer market as he didn’t get exactly what he asked for but those are clearly rubbish claims as he has more than enough players to win matches.

It’s just Ole Solskjaer who doesn’t know to mix these players to produce the best of results.

Ole Solskjaer's Sack Date Finally Decided As United Contact Replacement 1

Following reports from United, it appears Ole Solskjaer won’t be Man United manager by the time they take on Liverpool.

So it’s believed an easier sack way is him losing against Atalanta who they battle tomorrow.

It’s stated so cause the club having heard of the fans plan to protest on the Liverpool game day are planing to solve the issue before it escalates.

They saw how the GlazersOut protest affected things and also know what could likely happen if they don’t sack Ole to please the fans.

In the words of Fabrizio Romano, ‘The backing of Ole isn’t seen as a “dreaded vote of confidence”, they genuinely are protecting him and the Man United staff. There’s always the possibility of the situation changing, but not now.

Ole Solskjaer's Sack Date Finally Decided As United Contact Replacement 2

On the other hand, both Zidane and Conte are considered as two of the best possible replacements although none of them have gotten a call yet to come take up the job but it’s known that they won’t turn the offer down as long as it’s coming from United.

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