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Ole Solskjaer Finally Admits Sack Chances Amid Poor Run Of Form

The Norwegian has failed to record a single win since losing to Young Boys and it’s certain he may not last long as United manager if things remain unchanged

Man United are preparing to take on Villarreal tonight with major pressure mounting on Ole Solskjaer who is eager to return to winning ways.

United’s form of lately hasn’t been the one most wished and thought for considering the fact that they secured deals for talented stars including the World Best player.

With even his formation coming into major questions as to why he hasn’t switched after seeing it failed multiple times.

Ole Solskjaer Finally Admits Sack Chances Amid Poor Run Of Form 1

It’s no doubt Ole has in the past made series of poor decisions when it comes to management and such a coach is only allowed in mid-table teams and not a great club as United.

Decisions such as using Ronaldo as a number 9 instead of a number 11 where he has thrived mostly in the past and then using Pogba on the wing despite knowing the Frenchman is naturally a midfielder.

But one thing to be happy about is that Ole knows the fate that awaits him if he doesn’t turn the tables soon enough.

Several more competent managers are jobless and waiting for an offer to be presented to them and should be from Manchester United then it’s surely a ‘yes’ from them, meaning the end for Ole’s reign as United manager.

Speaking in an interview ahead of their clash against Villarreal, Ole said of his poor run of form; “Of course it saddens me and that’s why I work so hard to try to change our results.

“The boys have been impressive too in working so hard so as to win games. We are not happy with the loses. No one will be.

“But this is football and bad times do come, it’s now on to us to change things. If I don’t do it in time, another person may have to come and do it.

Ole Solskjaer Finally Admits Sack Chances Amid Poor Run Of Form 2

“I love Manchester alot and I will be happy if I stay here for longer time. I hope we win the game against Villarreal, that could be our turning point.”

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