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Let Me Go – Donny Van de Beek Finally Makes Exit Request

The Dutch man has already realized it’s a game of reality and less of promises at Man United as a new season begins with his lack of game time extending

Man United manager, Ole Solskjaer has remained unchanged on his decisions not to field Donny Van de Beek in most of his games.

Prior joining from Ajax, de Beek was fronted with an offer that made him believe he would be a pivotal part of a great team’s midfield.

But since arriving, it’s been a different case scenario amid the take over by Ole Solskjaer who succeeded Jose Mourinho.

Just like every other player would be, the 24-year-old is already sad with his case at United and has hinted on departure requests if Ole doesn’t need him again.

Speaking on his issue, Donny Van de Beek said; “You can never promise that [game time]. This is football and I think you can never promise a player if he will play – or not.”

“Of course, what I see here now in the beginning of the season is difficult,” the Dutch man continued. “Because I didn’t play one minute, but he [Solskjær] said ‘What I see every day in training, I see a different Donny now.

“I speak with the manager about it and the club. They were clear they wanted me to stay here. The manager was really positive about me and he said; ‘I need you and I want to keep you here.

“He [Solskjær] was really positive about me and I’m feeling well. I’m in good shape so I hope that I can show the people that I improved a lot.

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“He [Solskjær] sees a big difference, that I’m a little bit stronger now. He can see that I now have one-year experience here in England. If he sees me now and in the beginning, he sees a big difference.

“Yes [Solskjær communicates well]. I need to trust him. If he doesn’t need me, I think he will let me go. I think he has plans with me — I just need to work hard and I hope I can show the people, one day, what I can do.”

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