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Just In: Ole Solskjaer Confirms Man United Formation Change As Ronaldo Sets For Debut

According to sources United could possibly line up differently against Newcastle as Ronaldo sets for debut

Ole Solskjaer has reportedly confirmed United would switch formations during their game against Newcastle United.

The Red Devils were mostly mapped in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Paul Pogba coming on from the left side of the flank while Bruno Fernandes comes through the middle.

The right side was mostly occupied by Daniel James who completed a late transfer move to Leeds United.

But with United having already sealed moves for both Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, James’ departure won’t be felt as even Mason Greenwood can take on his position.

Edinson Cavani’s presence means Greenwood would mostly start from the bench if not ahead of the Uruguayan.

Following latest reports, United could be leaving the 4-2-3-1 formation for a yet-to-be-disclosed formation. The formation would definitely be learned on Saturday when United take on Newcastle United.

Ronaldo would possibly be getting a center forward role alongside another striker which possibly should be Edinson Cavani after Ole Solskjaer shared United would love to have Ronaldo in the box so he can score goals.

The Portuguese fine finish can’t be undermined as he ranks amongst the best finishers in European football history.

Although having aged since making his first debut for United, Ronaldo believes his age doesn’t change what he can do for the club he loves.

“People speak about the age but they should know I’m different. I am different,” Ronaldo said of his age and how it’s possibly going to affect his play pattern.

He continued, “I’m different than the rest of the people. I show off all the time year by year and this year will be the same.”

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