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John Terry Sends Message To Antonio Rudiger Over £400k-per-week Wage Demand

Rudgier wants to remain with the Blues but his ‘outrageous’ wage demand could be the only stumbling block that could prevent this from happening

It isn’t strange to Rudiger that he could leave Chelsea soon if the club fails to reach an agreement with him over his wage demands.

Rudiger’s contract is only valid until the summer period of 2022 and arranging a contract now is the only way to prevent him from leaving as a free agent next year.

But Chelsea having present an initial offer was sad to hear Rudiger considered the contract as a disappointing one due to amount in the wage section.

John Terry Sends Message To Antonio Rudiger Over £400k-per-week Wage Demand 1

The German knows he has given much for the club to be grateful about and also has the club given him much to be grateful about which means if a contract agreement is to be reached then both sides are to adjust their decisions.

Currently Rudiger is said to be wanting around £400k per week pay which isn’t actually sounding well with the Chelsea Board who are yet to make a final decision on the 28-year-old.

With Bayern Munich already shown their interest for Rudiger, Chelsea knows of the possible dangers if they fail to renew anytime soon.

Meanwhile, former Chelsea defender, John Terry has shared his opinion on the idea as he reflected on his time back at the club too when he captained the side to many victories.

Speaking to BBC, Terry said of Rudiger’s contract situation; “Rudiger is a super fine defender and I will be happy to see him still at club next two seasons.

“His contributions to the Champions League victory last season can’t be undermined and keeping him will help the youngsters further develop in the defensive roles.

“Everyone knows his current wage demands as the news may say it, is kind of huge and the club may not agree to it which means both him and the club have to reach an agreement.

“We know it must not be little pay from the club given the kind of player he is and the influence he has in the squad already. Also can not be very huge pay, which Rudiger knows and has to adjust his terms too if he wants to remain at the club.

John Terry Sends Message To Antonio Rudiger Over £400k-per-week Wage Demand 2

“It actually isn’t a difficult issue and I know very well that it will be sorted very soon. The club is in a fine form and they need to focus on developing more cause they are one of the favorites for the league.”

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