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Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Opens Up On Ole Solskjaer After Leicester City Loss

Ronaldo is clearly not happy that the side he joined are struggling to find their feet in the local league

Man United slumping to another defeat yesterday could becoming of a brutal threat to Ole Solskjaer who the board has although assures their full support.

The loss also marked the end of the side’s long unbeaten run and could mark as the turn around into more doom in the near future.

Several fans have called for the club to switch the manager for a more experienced one but it’s stated that United have placed their full support in Ole.

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Bold Claim On Ole Solskjaer After Leicester City Loss 1

Meanwhile, on Ronaldo’s side, it seems things aren’t going well lately with him and the manager as he voiced strange comments in a recent interview with ITG.

“We didn’t expect that kind of a loss,” Ronaldo said as he looked angry.

“The club needs to do better like we always do. The loss yesterday said alot of us.

“The manager has alot of works to do in this issue and we are hoping things turn good soon.

“We will just follow his orders in the pitch and hopefully soon we can get back to winning ways.

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