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Chelsea Slammed FA BAN Amid Red Card Incident Against Liverpool

Chelsea are expected to respond to the officiating body amid Liverpool game incident

Chelsea during their 1-1 draw with Liverpool is said to have failed to maintain proper character after Reece James’ Red Card.

The English man had stopped a goal from going in but unfortunately using his hand of which the club claim it wasn’t intentional.

Anthony Taylor gave little to no room for explanations as he went straight away to show Reece James the Red Card warranting for his departure.

Following this incident, Chelsea players were seen protesting but sadly nothing could be done to overturn the referee’s decision as they went on to hold Liverpool to a draw.

But with this already gone by, the FA has slapped the West London club with charges for having breached two FA Rules E20.1.

The statement which was made known via FAspokesperson entails that Chelsea failed to ensure its players conducted themselves in an orderly manner during the 48th minute and following the halftime whistle.

Chelsea are said to have until Friday, 03/09/21 to provide a reasonable response to this charge.

2 thoughts on “Chelsea Slammed FA BAN Amid Red Card Incident Against Liverpool

  1. This is why I’m starting to think FA is not doing its job.As a football lover,I’m so much disappointed in the FA.. Instead of banning that Manchester-born referee (Anthony Taylor)who has always been a big problem whenever Chelsea FC plays against other clubs. He always makes harsh judgement towards that club.is it because of the broken relationship between Chelsea FC Boss(Roman A) and ENGLAND as a nation??? I thought English are well sighted..I didn’t expect this from you guys.. #DONT MIX-UP POLITICS WITH SOCCER.

  2. This going to show, fa is behind what this worthless ref has been doing to us all these while. Why was Salah not yellow carded for an offence committed? Fa see nothing wrong with that we shocked the ref by not letting another goal(s) inn that night 💙

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